Construction is almost finished now at the Kamulu Center’s facility for street girls. This “upper room” will serve as an office, storeroom and sometimes residence for interns who visit. Michele McFarland of Redwood City, CA, is currently staying here for 6 weeks as she works with the street girls in the boarding program. Below the office is the apartment the Coulstons stay in when they are at the Center. Pictured from the right are Darlene Coulston, John Wambu, Genelle and Sid Pennington. John Wambu lives on an acreage nearby and oversees the construction, maintenance and general work of the Kamulu Center. He is also the founder of the congregation that meets in the building and one of its leaders.

These young women are part of the Made in the Streets program for street girls. Sometimes a few of these girls have a home to sleep in, for several have mothers or grandmothers living in Mathare Valley slums. Their life on the streets is sad; they are used and abused and often hungry. And yet they are so sweet when they are with us. Like any group, they are varied in their attitudes. Some are wishing for whatever they can get from us in food or clothing and have no real desire to make something of their lives. Others are just waiting for an opportunity to do good and to learn and succeed. Wisdom is needed to know the difference and to inspire them all to love the Lord and to show it in their actions. Please pray for them, that they might be dedicated to doing what is right, that they might prove themselves to us, and that they might find a way to success in this life and in the world to come.

   This young lady is Naomi Waithera. She is sitting in a classroom at Made in the Streets reading a book in English. She is 14 years old and went to school for four years when she was younger. Her mother is alive and living in Kiambu, north of Nairobi. She dreams that she can train as a teacher some day and would like to return to school. She says that after she gets a job, she would like to buy her mother a farm to live on. Naomi was baptized into Jesus on Sunday, July 23, with four other girls from the streets. When asking about joining our program, she told Darlene, “I’ll be good. I won’t run away.”

   Advellah was baptized into Jesus Christ on Sunday, July 23, along with four other young women who have been sleeping on the streets. Since that day she and two of the others have been staying with Mama Sammy. Sammy was the first person from the streets that we met back in 1992, and he has been instrumental in developing street ministries from that time. She has lived with a grandmother in the past, but life was very difficult there. The grandmother has many children for whom she is responsible. Advellah has lived on the streets since we met her in 1999. After a short stay with Mama Sammy, Advellah will either return to her grandmother, or she will be given a place in our housing at the Farm. Advellah wants to do well in her studies, and she already has good English speaking skills. She is one of the kids who wants to please and has never caused any trouble among us.

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