We often have large groups of street kids and youth at the Center in Eastleigh. This is our inner courtyard, and the youth are gathered with World Wide Youth Camp members who lead day camps and leadership camps each summer. We encourage you to support and join WWYC in their works. They have been very good for us.

     Darlene Coulston hugs one of the girls who comes regularly to the ministry. We are so pleased to be doing girls’ ministry, though we did not choose to focus on girls. The Lord leads through his people and through the hearts of the girls themselves. We now have a close relationship with more than 40 girls and the number will grow. Darlene and Charles have now been in Kenya for 9 years!!!

Send the Coulstons some email — crc@made-in-the-streets.org

     Aggies for Christ come each summer to work with street youth. Above, Bob Davidson and Aggies prepare to go out to the “bases” where street kids and youth sleep. Some of the street girls stand in the background. We are pleased to have visitors – they have much to teach and inspire the youth. This year the Aggies baptized 9 young men and taught many others.

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