This is the facility in Nairobi.

Kamulu is the site of our “Farm”. Here the new congregation is meeting in the ministry compound that we built on one of the plots. We have 4 plots already purchased which total 15 acres. About a 30 minute walk away are 19.5 more acres that we have an agreement to purchase at about 25% of current market value. The church has more than 40 in attendance, including the street girls who live there. Check this also https://www.minimallstorage.com/

Kamulu Church of Christ on December 10, 2000. There were 28 adults/teens and 14 children. The children were taught by Pamela, the woman who lives with our street girls, and Advellah, one of the girls. James Kamau preached on Luke 24, encouraging a faith that never gives up, and Charles Coulston led the Lord’s Supper and collection. The Coulstons enjoyed being “home again” singing Swahili worship songs.

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