Made in the Streets is a work of 16 young Kenyan men who have a heart for children and young people who ware sleeping on the streets in Nairobi, Kenya. It is estimated that as many as 30,000 are sleeping outside for various reasons — no food or bed at home, no parents, no school fees, “glamour of the streets,” abuse at home — many reasons and little hope. We seek to instill them with confidence, with desire to achieve, with a close walk with God, with the belief that they can be good people even while on the streets. We help with many needs — medical, getting national identity cards, reconciling with familes, Bible study, education, food, housing and clothes for those in our informal school, our friendship in the places where they sleep, called “bases.” The advisors to the young men are Charles and Darlene Coulston, who live near the Center in the Eastleigh section of Nariobi. Support is from Americans who care, mostly from churches of Christ, though there is desire and a plan to make the ministry self-supporting in time to come. Please pray for these young men who serve in the ministry – for their safety, for courageous hearts and for an undying love.

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