This is the facility in Nairobi. Kamulu is the site of our “Farm”. Here the new congregation is meeting in the ministry compound that we built on one of the plots. We have 4 plots already purchased which total 15 acres. About a 30 minute walk away are 19.5 more acres that we have an […]


     We often have large groups of street kids and youth at the Center in Eastleigh. This is our inner courtyard, and the youth are gathered with World Wide Youth Camp members who lead day camps and leadership camps each summer. We encourage you to support and join WWYC in their works. They have been very […]


Construction is almost finished now at the Kamulu Center’s facility for street girls. This “upper room” will serve as an office, storeroom and sometimes residence for interns who visit. Michele McFarland of Redwood City, CA, is currently staying here for 6 weeks as she works with the street girls in the boarding program. Below the […]